Squaremmkm pioneers interventions through holistic models, and promotes multi-disciplinary strategic collaboration between architects, artists, developers, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Partnership with other fields and disciplines is an integral part of our model that enables us to leverage our complementary resources and expertise to address the issues that affect our public and private spaces. This integrated and multi-disciplinary approach present a harmonious evolution of urban intervention and provide shared values and benefits for all stakeholders. We seek to build platforms on which various collaborations and partnerships between expertise and disciplines can happen. Here are a few examples:

Yongsan Legacy PROJECT

Five professionals from different backgrounds started this crowd-sourcing project to build a digital monument to commemorate a relocating 70-year-old US military base in the middle of Seoul.

UMA logo_grey.jpg


Architects and urban designer from different nationality teamed up to propose physical urban interventions that builds on collective memory in order to improve public spaces.

x yard

Through designed experiments, participants become subjects for artists and creatives who rarely get to have dialogues and interactions about their work and ideas.


A public initiative started with Korea University in 2014 to look beyond 50 years and proactively shaping the future of architecture in Korea through education and open discussions.